Portraits, Polygons, and the Pen Tool…Oh My!

So…one of my reasons for taking a Facebook hiatus was so that instead of wasting my spare time scrolling through posts, I could refocus and work of some new skills I have been wanting to learn. My last post was about double exposure, but this time I worked on turning photos into pieces of art. To say the least, the (dreaded) Pen Tool and I became very close friends!

I love the polygon portraits that I have seen while browsing the interwebs…so I  figured it was time to make some of my own.



I love this style! I also love how varied this style can be depending on how detailed you want to get.

In my next two pieces, I took two of my favorite pictures of Bubba and gave them very different looks. I love how they both turned out! I plan on making a lot more cartoonized portraits in the future.


Let me know what you think!



Double Exposure

So I have been trying to teach myself a new skill in Photoshop….

Double exposure.

I am really amazed at some of the examples you can find online when you do a Google search. They make is look so easy and seemless. Well clearly there is a learning curve, but I want to keep practicing because I think it could become one of my favorite tricks.

Here are my first attemps:




Let me know what you think!



Long story short…I had to create an entire Integrated Marketing Communication (IMC) campaign for a nonprofit organization, and I chose the Humane Society of Clarksville-Montgomery County. So here it goes…

Who Are They?

The Humane Society of Clarksville-Montgomery County originally chartered in 1968 and reorganized from 1997 to 1998. Charles Hand, a local businessman, rented to the Humane Society a building for seven years from which we could conduct sheltering operations. Contrary to popular belief, the Humane Society is not “funded” by the city or county, and sadly, the expense of caring for the rising number of homeless animals in the community far exceeded their income, which forced them to close their doors in 2003.

Without a building to maintain, they were able to refocus their energy & resources on pro-active programs & services to better serve the animals & people in their community. They have helped thousands of homeless pets & pet owners since 2003 & will continue to do so in the coming years. However, the euthanasia rate at the local county shelter continues to weigh heavy on their hearts.

They have purchased a building located at 940 Tennessee Avenue, which will be the future home of Spay-Neuter Clarksville! The clinic will spay & neuter 35 dogs & cats per day, 5 days per week, 48 weeks per year, for a total of 8,400 surgeries. The clinic’s spay-neuter services will be available to all families regardless of income, and it will be available to residents and rescue groups in surrounding counties too.

Target Audience

  • People looking for a pet
  • Potential Volunteers
  • Animal Lovers
  • Families in need of a low-cost spay-neutering service
  • People wanting to surrender animals
  • People in search of information on solutions to animal behavioral issues

Communications Strategy

The communications strategy of my campaign is to revamp the Humane Society of Clarksville-Montgomery County’s web and social media presence. I feel that they desperately needed an updated look, and some consistency when promoting different events or general information. I intend to implement the strategy mainly on their website and Facebook.

Logo Design

I wanted to create a “softer” look for their logo. I chose varying hues of a blue-green for their main colors, which I think is more inviting than their current stark black and red palette. I also wanted to keep the heart they have in their current logo; I accomplished that by making the ear of the dog, and nose of the cat into a heart shape. The typography is a font called “Sofia Pro,” and I think the rounded corners mesh well with the silhouettes of the animals. Also by choosing a grotesque font, we eliminate more sharp lines, keeping consistent with the soft vibe. The tag line, “Adopt Today. Save a life.” is meant to stand out and provoke action; which is why I accented the “Save a life.” in red. This also gives a fourth color in the palette to use when they want to emphasize the importance of something.

Print Promotions

I created an 8.5×11 in. promotional flyer to showcase the needs of the Humane Society. Because the Humane Society is not funded by the government. They are always looking for volunteers and donations in many forms. I used paw prints to highlight categories of ways to help.


In the picture below, we have an example of a 9×12 in. folder with 4 in. inside pockets. The front showcases the logo, and the white “swoosh” resembles a road, that takes the viewer to the back of the folder that portrays a dog house with a heart inside. The idea behind the design is to add love to your home by adding a rescue animal. The color palette is the same as the one found on the main logo.

I have created an example of a 4×6 postcard that has a similar theme as the promotional flyer; in simpler form. The idea is to be able to hand this out to spark more interest and about helping the Humane Society. Along the bottom of the postcard, there is the address and phone number so that people know where they can contact them. The design features the logo, paw prints, and a watermark of the house and the heart, continuing the same design aspects from the folder and flyer. I have left the back of the postcard blank specifically so that people can write notes on it, or even send the Humane Society a letter.


Social Media

Facebook Cover & Post 1

This example of a Facebook cover photo, profile picture, and post is inspired by their upcoming 10th annual Wags to Witches Fur Ball Bash. I wanted to show an example of all of these items that communicate an upcoming event, yet still stay consistent with the new logo and themes. The way this was accomplished was by using softer hues, and some of the same typography as seen in the print promos. Right now they have graphics for events and programs, but they all look inconsistent with their present theme. These type of posts should be posted at least a month out from the time of the event.


Facebook Cover & Post 2

This example of a Facebook cover photo, profile picture, and post corresponds with the print promotions. They are geared towards encouraging people to get involved with the Humane Society however they can; whether it be through volunteering, fostering, adopting, or just making donations. These posts should be promoted at least every other week, or as the need arises. I think the cute animals will tug at some heart-strings. The type of posts should be related to adopting or volunteering. For example, in the case below they could be describing the animal and asking for a foster until someone adopts his sweet self.humane-fbmockup2.jpg

Facebook Cover & Post 3

This example of a Facebook cover photo, profile picture, and post reflect the overall new vibe of the Humane Society. I created this set to be an everyday type of layout because I think it gives the whole page a consistent look that connects to their new promotional pieces. It is generic on purpose, because I know they need something that conveys who they are, but something less specific when they are not pushing a particular program, need, or event. Posts like these should be made at least every other day, or as the need arises, to show people the animals currently available for adoption.humane-fbmockup3


I would recommend that the Humane Society start using Instagram and YouTube. Instagram is perfect for them because it is picture-driven, and when people are looking for animals, they always want to see a picture (for that “love at first sight” feeling). Foster parents could easily take pictures with their phones and upload them to Instagram instantly. Secondly, I recommend having a YouTube channel. The foster parents could upload videos of potential adoptees to show the public their personality before having to schedule a meeting. The Humane Society could also use their channel for information videos; such as solutions for animal behavioral issues.


Below you will see an infographic I created for the Humane Society to promote their Anti-Tethering and Chaining Program (ATCP). Chaining and tethering is a big problem in TN, and they have these statistics provided on their website currently, but I thought it would be more encouraging to read in an infographic. I used the same red that is found throughout the other pieces, but I did use some deeper hues to create contrast and set a darker tone. I think the color scheme works well for the information, but not how their entire look should be.



The Humane Society of Clarksville-Montgomery County currently has a very bold color scheme, and I think it could use some toning down with a cooler palette, that reflects love and harmony. That is why I came up with the blue-green scheme demonstrated throughout the various pieces. I also do not like the font they use in their navigation and headings. I think a cleaner, hand-written font  such as “HipsterishFontNormal.” It still gives it the fun touch that they are going for, but looks a little less juvenile and messy. For the body copy, I suggest using “Sofia Pro,” so that it will complement the new logo font. I would also change their background image, so that there wasn’t one random dog peeking at you from the corner, and remove the picture in the header. I think it looks too crowded with all of that up there. I think the current website just gets the job done, but because of the colors, I don’t think it speaks to the viewer in an inviting way.



I am obsessed with infographics! They take a boring list of information, and turn them into something fun that visually encourages the viewer to read. That is basically what a graphic designer does in every project (make something actually look interesting and visually appealing) but I feel like an infographic is an especially challenging one because sometimes you have to think outside of the box.

The article I used as my source is: http://www.cmo.com/features/articles/2014/10/6/mind-blowing-stats-holiday-2014.html

They have 15 facts from 2014 that are actually pretty mind-blowing about holiday shopping. I took 10 of these facts and created my own infographic. I honestly have to say, I had to try really hard to make myself actually read the content…because it just looks sooo boring! So, hopefully now it doesn’t!

The main tools I used to create this were my:

  • pen tool
  • shape tools
  • layer styles
  • text tool
  • and some icons from http://www.flaticon.com

I tried to stick with some complementary colors that refelct the winter holidays, and kept them slightly muted so that they had a soft feel (which tends to be easier on the eyes).

That’s all ya’ll! XO


Vacay Fever

***I am not affiliated with Carnival Cruise Lines, this post is for educational purposes only.***

For one of our final homework assignments, we had to create a social media campaign for a travel company to get people hyped up about Summer traveling. I chose Carnival Cruise Lines, because my husband and I hope to go on another cruise one day and we thoroughly enjoyed our cruise with Carnival. They are currently running a campaign called “1,000,001 reasons to cruise,” so I played along with that theme and came up with the following:

The first three images are Facebook cover photos; so you would see them right next to their profile picture on their Facebook page. The following two images are mockup Instagram photos with a logo-like overlay I created for the bottom right corner. The final image is a Twitter cover photo, much like the Facebook cover photo, it would be found at the top near the profile picture.

Now if only summer wasn’t basically over…sigh!

That’s all ya’ll! XO

Coming to an inbox near you…

***I am not affiliated with Coffee-mate in anyway, this post is for educational purposes only.***


Following up with my banner ads I had to create an e-mail that goes along with my holiday banner ads for Coffee-mate. Most of my inspiration came from Coffee-mate’s website, I did this so that when people click on the email links that take them to the website they will recognize the theme. I think this is important for the recipient because it establishes trust and emphasizes the brand’s identity. If I were to receive an e-mail ad, and then clicked a link that took me somewhere unrecognizable it would make me panic and fear that I have clicked on a spam e-mail containing viruses. So, I am trying to create some consistency throughout the ad campaigns.

That’s all ya’ll! XO

Winter is coming…


***I am not affiliated with Coffeemate in any way; this post is for educational purposes only.***

Hey there! So even though I was traveling last week, school didn’t stop…but at least I got to do homework in a relaxing setting, right? For this project I had to create a web campaign for any company for a season/holiday of my choosing, consisting of 4 different banner ads. Only one had to be animated, but I went overboard (whoops!) and made them all animated because I had so much fun playing around with this new trick! So, as you can tell the company I chose was Coffemate, and the season I chose was winter. I love coffee (and creamer) so it was a natural choice. Also, I thought it would be funny to combine Game of Thrones and Coffeemate’s holiday flavors, and that is where the “winter is coming” tagline comes from.  Everyone gets excited about the special edition flavors of products when winter comes around, so I thought these might spark some excitement. The above banner is called a leaderboard, and I placed it at the top because that is the general area it would be displayed on a real website. The leaderboard features their peppermint flavor.

Above, starting from left to right, I have a rectangle and a skyscraper ad.  Both types of ads could be seen in the main section of the website, incorporated with the flow of text. The rectangle features their gingerbread flavor, and the skyscraper features their eggnog flavor.


This little guy (above), is called a button add and could be used anywhere on a site as a “button” to direct the user to Coffeemate’s homepage or shopping page. I just used the same theme as the leaderboard, and made the dimensions a little smaller to accommodate the required button size.

Now…off to go make myself a cup! 🙂

That’s all ya’ll! XO

Effective Web Design


***I am not affiliated with Luigi’s Pizza in any way, the following is for educational purposes only.***

I am taking two classes this semester, one in Photoshop and one in Web Design, and this week my Photoshop class collided with web designing. I had fun with this because I got to put both skills to work and create a mockup of what I thought would be an effective website. I decided to redesign our favorite local pizza delivery place in Clarksville, TN called Luigi’s Pizza. Their food is great…and delivery is F-R-E-E! So I’m all about it! However, their current website is cheesy-looking (pun not intended) and kind of ugly…so I took a stab at it.

What you may or may not know, is there are several steps in the process of creating a website (especially one worth visiting). One of the first steps in the design process is creating a wireframe; which is kind of like a skeleton layout of the webpage. The following is my wireframe for Luigi’s:luigis-wireframe

Starting from top to bottom, I have a Facebook icon to link to their [only] social media page, and a search bar beside that. I put them there because that is the most common place to find that info, so I think it will be easily found should the user be looking for it. Beneath that is the navigation bar and logo; strategically placed as well, because that is also where users will go to look for that information. Below that is a space marked out for an image and arrows that will rotate the image to show various menu items that the user can then click on to navigate them to another page to customize their order. Finally, the footer bar across the bottom of the page, which will contain copyright and contact info.

The next step, is called a mock-up. It takes the wireframe and steps up its game, so to speak. You add in your images and content, which brings the wireframe to life, and also presents any layout issues to the designer. The following is my mock-up:luigis-mockup.jpg

Looks more like a site now, huh? I wanted to give the website a fresher design, so I choose a chalkboard background, a chalk typeface, added some fresh ingredient images around the main focus on the home page, and stuck with a warm color palette consistent with the colors found in their food. If I actually built this website, the center image would change to different menu items, and have some kind of animation (for example, for the pizza, the closest slice slides out towards you) when you click on an arrow. Then, once you found the menu item you wanted, you would click and it would take you to another screen to customize your order. Navigation and contact info is not hidden and easy to find, in hopes that the user finds the page effective and easy to use.

That’s all y’all! XO

Mood boards

I love moodboards…they take me back to when I was a kid cutting out pictures from a magazine (mostly wedding magazines), and displaying all of my favorite things on one piece of paper. Mood boards are the “adult” equivalent. They give me inspiration, ideas, and direction for whatever project I am currently working on.

In fact, I am working on coding my own website to house my portfolio, and so I created this mood board:


I am really loving handwritten script fonts, and I have hopes to incorporate different geometric shapes for visual interest. Basically the overall vibe is feminine, classy, and sweet. You know….just like me! 😉


Do OR Dye


I had to create a logo for a high-end hair salon focusing on modern hairstyles and hair coloring. I thought the name, Do OR Dye, was edgy and clever so I ran with it. I knew I wanted it to be simple, and mainly black to represent a modern vibe for the salon. I chose a simple font, called Avenir Next Condensed, for the name, and a font called Neou for the “est. 2016” tagline. I felt that they complemented each other well, were easy to read, and worked well with the theme. I also knew that I wanted to incorporate scissors into the design, so I replaced the “Y” in “dye” with the shape.

Here’s how it went down in photoshop:

  1. I used my type tool to type out the name, and tagline. Adjusted the kearning so that everything was evenly spaced, and room to add the scissors in place of the “Y.”
  2. Then I grabbed my rectangle shape tool to create the frame around the words, and to create the smaller rectangle beneath “OR.”
  3. I used my custom shape tool to draw out the scissors.
  4. Then I used the brush tool to create the watercolor splatters. On the black version, I created a clipping mask with the brush stroke layers and the scissors and “D” & “E.”

That’s all y’all! XO