I am obsessed with infographics! They take a boring list of information, and turn them into something fun that visually encourages the viewer to read. That is basically what a graphic designer does in every project (make something actually look interesting and visually appealing) but I feel like an infographic is an especially challenging one because sometimes you have to think outside of the box.

The article I used as my source is:

They have 15 facts from 2014 that are actually pretty mind-blowing about holiday shopping. I took 10 of these facts and created my own infographic. I honestly have to say, I had to try really hard to make myself actually read the content…because it just looks sooo boring! So, hopefully now it doesn’t!

The main tools I used to create this were my:

  • pen tool
  • shape tools
  • layer styles
  • text tool
  • and some icons from

I tried to stick with some complementary colors that refelct the winter holidays, and kept them slightly muted so that they had a soft feel (which tends to be easier on the eyes).

That’s all ya’ll! XO


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