Vacay Fever

***I am not affiliated with Carnival Cruise Lines, this post is for educational purposes only.***

For one of our final homework assignments, we had to create a social media campaign for a travel company to get people hyped up about Summer traveling. I chose Carnival Cruise Lines, because my husband and I hope to go on another cruise one day and we thoroughly enjoyed our cruise with Carnival. They are currently running a campaign called “1,000,001 reasons to cruise,” so I played along with that theme and came up with the following:

The first three images are Facebook cover photos; so you would see them right next to their profile picture on their Facebook page. The following two images are mockup Instagram photos with a logo-like overlay I created for the bottom right corner. The final image is a Twitter cover photo, much like the Facebook cover photo, it would be found at the top near the profile picture.

Now if only summer wasn’t basically over…sigh!

That’s all ya’ll! XO

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