Winter is coming…


***I am not affiliated with Coffeemate in any way; this post is for educational purposes only.***

Hey there! So even though I was traveling last week, school didn’t stop…but at least I got to do homework in a relaxing setting, right? For this project I had to create a web campaign for any company for a season/holiday of my choosing, consisting of 4 different banner ads. Only one had to be animated, but I went overboard (whoops!) and made them all animated because I had so much fun playing around with this new trick! So, as you can tell the company I chose was Coffemate, and the season I chose was winter. I love coffee (and creamer) so it was a natural choice. Also, I thought it would be funny to combine Game of Thrones and Coffeemate’s holiday flavors, and that is where the “winter is coming” tagline comes from.  Everyone gets excited about the special edition flavors of products when winter comes around, so I thought these might spark some excitement. The above banner is called a leaderboard, and I placed it at the top because that is the general area it would be displayed on a real website. The leaderboard features their peppermint flavor.

Above, starting from left to right, I have a rectangle and a skyscraper ad.  Both types of ads could be seen in the main section of the website, incorporated with the flow of text. The rectangle features their gingerbread flavor, and the skyscraper features their eggnog flavor.


This little guy (above), is called a button add and could be used anywhere on a site as a “button” to direct the user to Coffeemate’s homepage or shopping page. I just used the same theme as the leaderboard, and made the dimensions a little smaller to accommodate the required button size.

Now…off to go make myself a cup! 🙂

That’s all ya’ll! XO

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