Do OR Dye


I had to create a logo for a high-end hair salon focusing on modern hairstyles and hair coloring. I thought the name, Do OR Dye, was edgy and clever so I ran with it. I knew I wanted it to be simple, and mainly black to represent a modern vibe for the salon. I chose a simple font, called Avenir Next Condensed, for the name, and a font called Neou for the “est. 2016” tagline. I felt that they complemented each other well, were easy to read, and worked well with the theme. I also knew that I wanted to incorporate scissors into the design, so I replaced the “Y” in “dye” with the shape.

Here’s how it went down in photoshop:

  1. I used my type tool to type out the name, and tagline. Adjusted the kearning so that everything was evenly spaced, and room to add the scissors in place of the “Y.”
  2. Then I grabbed my rectangle shape tool to create the frame around the words, and to create the smaller rectangle beneath “OR.”
  3. I used my custom shape tool to draw out the scissors.
  4. Then I used the brush tool to create the watercolor splatters. On the black version, I created a clipping mask with the brush stroke layers and the scissors and “D” & “E.”

That’s all y’all! XO

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