Book Cover: The Hunger Games


***I am not affiliated in any way with the author or publishing company of this book. This is for educational purposes only.***

For this project I got to pick my favorite book and redesign the cover. So I chose “The Hunger Games” by Suzanne Collins. If you search the cover of this book you will see that it is usually always predominately black, which makes sense because the theme is dark. However, I wanted to see if I could accomplish the same feeling with mostly white.

So, here’s how I created the look:

  1. Created a document that was 5×8 in, used the paint bucket tool to fill it with an off white background.
  2. I found a gem-like geometric cluster, and place it in the file.  Then I found a really cool artsy photo of Katniss and the mockingjay pin from the movie, placed above the shape, and right-clicked to create a clipping mask.
  3. Then I copied 5 different pieces of geometric cluster, and changed the opacity on one of them, and set the blend mode to overlay on the other 4. I arranged them above the image to make them look like they were breaking off and flying away.
  4. Then I typed out the title, and the author’s name. I added two more copies of the geometric cluster (in white), and placed them over the text that overlapped with the image, and created clipping masks.
  5. I also added a clipping mask of the Katniss image over the word “Hunger.” Then I grabbed my direct selection tool to alter the angle and width of the “H.”
  6. Then I created a rectangle in the same hue as the background. I added a bevel & embossed effect, as well as a drop shadow to make it look like a 3D spine.
  7. I used my type tool to type the title again, and the author’s last name. Found an image of the publisher and placed it near the bottom.
  8. I used my custom shape tool to draw the flame, and made a clipping mask with the Katniss image.
  9. For the back I found an image of the mockingjay pin, changed it from black to white, and removed the background .
  10. I used my type tool to type out a famous quote from the book, changed the color of “odds” and favor” to a light gray to make it look like a drop shadow, but I wanted the words to look like they were breaking away and the “shadow” to stay in place. Then I created two separate text boxes for another “odds” and “favor” and added clipping masks over them. Then I moved them away from the original text to create the “floating away” effect.
  11. Found an image of a bar code, typed in some numerical values, and added a white rectangle behind it.

That’s all y’all! XO


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