Making a SPLASH!


***First, let me say that I am not affiliated with The Honest Company in any way and that this project is for educational purposes only.***

For this assignment I had to choose one of my favorite companies that has a consistent IMC (Integrated Marketing Communications). I chose The Honest Company because their IMC is spot on and extremely consistent across all of their marketing channels. Okay, okay….being able to use [another] picture of my nugget may have swayed my choice. #sorrynotsorry

For real though, as you can see from my examples below, they have a some common styles and overall feel. They always look clean, fun, and simple. This speaks volumes to who they are as a brand, because they are all about cleaning up messes in a fun, and simple [limited ingredient] way. Once I chose the “who,” I went to their website and a picture of their swim diapers caught my eye; and I knew I had a picture of the nugget in a pool that had some action that I wanted to play with. The blue I chose is there signature blue, and I knew I couldn’t have a convincing campaign without it. They also use orange as their accent color, so that is why I chose it for the small icons. I chose two fonts (Rokkitt & Typo Grotesk Rounded) for most of the headline and body copy that resembled the ones used in the examples, as closely as possible. The “splash” is a font called “shorelines script,” and I chose it because I thought it added to the water affect I created.

Check out The Honest Company here!

Here’s the step-by-step:

  1. Found the picture of the nugget splashing in the water, and deleted the background around him, leaving some water around his legs. Then, I used a layer mask to soften the edges around him and added several adjustment layers.
  2. Found an image of the diapers & logo on the web, and removed the backgrounds.
  3. With various different shape tools, I drew a large blue rectangle, the “shop now” button, the dashed frame, the dashed circles, the check marks, and cancel symbol.
  4. I used my type tool to create the headline, and ad details. However, to make the “splash” look like water, I added a bevel & emboss effect, inner glow, and a color overlay.


That’s all, y’all! XO


3 thoughts on “Making a SPLASH!

  1. Nancy Philman says:

    Amazing design, yes I’m partial to the Nugget, too.nthe design is very refreshing, lots of white space. Simple and to the point. What could be better? Way to go Caitlin


    • Nancy Philman says:

      An amazing design. Yes, I’m partial to the nugget. It captured my attention right away. I love the use of summery colors and the amount of white space. You convinced me that this company has quality products. I wonder if they will offer adult incontenance products?


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