We’re All Mad Here…


“I knew who I was this morning, but I’ve changed a few times since then.” -Alice

…I feel ya Alice.

For this assignment I had to pick a restaurant and make a menu (or re-do their current one). I choose this really cool spot in Clarksville, TN that has an Alice in Wonderland theme. It is a really unique environment, with delicious food, and amazing bakery specialties (mmm…cake!). I wanted to create a menu that reflects the relaxed, dreamy, and artsy vibe that they have going on.

Here’s how I made it all happen…

  1. I found a really cool screen shot of The Blue Caterpillar from the movie, then created a new document in Photoshop, and placed the picture on a new layer. Grabbed my quick selection tool, picked him out of his background, and deleted the background. Positioned him on the bottom corner and set the blend mode to luminosity.
  2. Then I went back to my background layer and used my paint bucket to fill it with a new color. Then added a radial gradient overlay.
  3. I added a new layer under the caterpillar with a “vintage geometric” pattern I found on Adobe Assets, set the opacity at 25% and set the blending mode to color burn.
  4. Then I grabbed a soft edged brush and drew my big cloud of smoke. Set the blend mode to hard light, opacity of 75%, added an outer glow, and a color overlay (because I didn’t like the color I drew it in).
  5. I used the custom shape tool to draw the white smoke. I originally drew it in another color, so I used a color overlay to change it to white, and set the opacity to 85%.
  6. I added 3 text layers for the logo. One for “The,” one for “Looking Glass,” and one for “Restaurant & Bakery.” I added a gradient overlay, and a drop shadow to “Looking Glass” to add some depth and make it pop. I also feel like the gradient ties into the look of smoke rising. The font families I used were “Memoriam Pro Headline,” and “Cochin Bold.”
  7. With my rectangle shape tool I drew out 4 different rectangles for the different menu categories, changed their colors, and played around with their opacity and blend modes to achieve the look I wanted.
  8. Grabbed my type tool and got to work on the category headlines and menu items. The font families I used were “Memoriam Pro Headline,” “Adobe Caslon Pro.”

That’s all y’all!



One thought on “We’re All Mad Here…

  1. Nancy Philman says:

    Very creative! I can’t decide if I want the chocolate ganache cake or the red velvet cake. I love the caterpillar puffing on his hookah. Adds a lot of interest tmo the design.


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