You can’t sit with us!

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If you don’t get the reference, do yourself a favor and go watch the movie “Mean Girls.” You’ll thank me later…and then you’ll start quoting various lines in your everyday life.

Anyways…as you can see from the “before” slide, I had to take these 4 images and combine them into one. If you want to know how, just keep on reading my friend.

  1. I took the picture of the giraffe, rasterized it so I could edit/play with it. I used my healing brush tool to get rid of the white spots on his tongue, and then used my burn tool to darken the overall look of his tongue.
  2. Then I used my spot healing brush tool to remove one of his spots on his right cheek (right below where his glasses are).
  3. I grabbed my magic wand tool, and clicked on the blue background. I pressed the “refine edges” button to get in a little closer with his hair on his neck and get a more accurate edge. Once I did that I could grab my giraffe and put him on a new layer, and deleted the one with the blue background.
  4. Now I opened up the image of the empty field and resized it. Pulled the giraffe layer on top, and moved him around so it looked like he was popping up out of the corner.
  5. Then I opened the elephant image, rasterized it, and got to work with my magnetic lasso tool to cut him out. Moved him to a new layer and deleted the background. I resized him to look as if he were in the foreground of the image, and used the transform panel to flip him horizontally.
  6. I placed the sunglasses file, and used my magic wand tool to cut the sunglasses out and remove the white background. I then used the channel mixer to change the frame of the glasses to black. Resized and rotated them to fit on Mr. Giraffe’s face.
  7. Then I used the custom shape tool to draw a word bubble, and changed the color and opacity.
  8. I created a text layer, changed the color and font, and moved it over the word bubble.
  9. Then I made two adjustment layers, hue/saturation and vibrance, to enhance the overall look and uniformity of the pieces.


That’s all y’all! XOXO

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