Inspirational Quote

My first homework assignment was to create one of those inspirational images like you see everyday on social media…so



Of course I chose my son as the subject…I have to make use of the millions of photos I have of him, right? Right.

In addition to that, I just really love this quote. It speaks to my soul and gives me “all tha feels.” Because motherhood is hard…like super exhaustingly, frustratingly, and scary hard. But you feel so super awesome about yourself when your baby just looks up at you with those big, beautiful, blue eyes and ear-to-ear smile, and your heart just melts into to a big gooey puddle on the floor. Or when he cries, and crawls from across the room over to you, and pulls up on your leg or throws himself into your lap…just so he can feel your warm embrace around him. In those moments, you just feel like a super hero. Never fear! SUPER MOM IS HERE!

What I’m trying to say is, it’s the little things y’all…and they make it all SO worth it.

Alright, now time for the technical stuff…How did she do it?

  1. I created an 800px x 800px file with a 72 image resolution, placed (one of my favorite) pictures of my little man, and resized it to fit in the window by using the move tool.
  2. I then went to the Filter Gallery (spent way too much time going through all of the filters) and finally decided on the cutout filter.
  3. Then I grabbed my Type Tool and click & dragged an area on the image to create my text box. Typed out the quote, and began choosing my font(s) and colors. *Note: To create emphasis on certain words, I changed the font, size, and color.
  4. I grabbed the Rectangle Tool, clicked & dragged it similarly to the Type Tool, to create a background shape for my quote. I used the move tool to resize it to my liking, and then went to layer → Arrange → Send Backwards to place the shape behind the text. I chose a color from the swatches panel, and changed the opacity in the layers panel.
  5. Finally, went to File → Save…because nothing’s worse than loosing all that work you just did.


That’s all folks!

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