First blog post

10448696_924627957562970_6218106610582338035_oAlright…here we go! My name is (you guessed it) Caitlin Johnson. I am currently a stay-at-home-mom and grad student at the University of Florida, working towards a Masters in Web Design and Online Communication! (whoop, whoop!) I was born and raised in Gainesville, FL…but, thanks to the Army, I currently call Clarksville, TN my “home.”

When I grow up (I’m only 27…I still have time), I aspire to be a professional graphic & web designer. I am super passionate about all things pertaining to design: typography, color, texture, shapes & patterns, imagery/photography,  etc. I find it fascinating how much thought and care goes into every piece, and love learning about why designers make the decisions they do.

I am currently taking a course about digital imagery/Photoshop. I have zero skills when it comes to Photoshop, but I know its capabilities are endless! I hope to learn how to become more comfortable working in a raster-based program, as I’ve only had experience working in vector-based programs (Adobe Illustrator & inDesign). I am also really excited to learn how to edit and resize images, I think that it will enhance my photography skills (which are extremely amateur) and allow me the ability to create better custom graphics.

If you’d really like to read a little more about me check this out –> Go Ahead, Click it!

You are never too old to set another goal or to dream a new dream. -Aristotle

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